#4 Status of the "cla" OpenID extension
Opened 2 years ago by abompard. Modified 2 years ago

I'm dumping this here before I forget. At the moment we have an OpenID extension called cla that will let app request whether the connecting user has signed a particular CLA. The list of predefined CLAs is in openid_cla, there's one for Fedora, one for Red Hat, one for Intel, one for Dell, one for IBM, etc.
The Ipsilon openid extension will just return {'CLA': 'yes'} if the user has signed all the requested CLAs.

It has the advantage of not informing the app of a users' other signed CLAs. In the new system they are all available through the agreements key.

Do we need to bring back this feature? Do we have an app that currently uses it and needs not to switch to OIDC?

Also, the infofas info plugin will deduce which CLAs have been signed from membership in the corresponding groups. I guess we can mimic that in the infofasjson if necessary (based on agreements this time, not group membership).

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