#1528 Disable new builds during branching
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@@ -74,10 +74,12 @@ 

  # KojiTraceback = normal


  ## These options are intended for planned outages

- #ServerOffline = True

+ ServerOffline = True

  #OfflineMessage = 'planned outage see https://www.fedorastatus.org'

- #LockOut = True

+ OfflineMessage = 'We are in the middle of branching new fedora release'

+ LockOut = True

  #OfflineMessage = 'koji is being migrated to a new datacenter'


  ## If ServerOffline is True, the server will always report a ServerOffline fault (with

  ## OfflineMessage as the fault string).

  ## If LockOut is True, the server will report a ServerOffline fault for all non-admin

Do not merge before 2023-08-08

Looks ok. I can never recall how all those options interact, but I think it's the desired state (that is, regular users cannot submit builds, but admins can).

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