Fedora Hubs

Fedora Hubs will provide a communication and collaboration center for Fedora contributors of all types. The idea is that contributors will be able to visit Hubs to check on their involvements across Fedora, discover new places that they can contribute, and more.

Hubs is currently under development. (We had a development instance at

Get Involved

Visit our mailing list and join us in the #fedora-hubs IRC channel on

For a more detailed overview of what Fedora Hubs is, see the documentation.

To set up a development environment and start contributing, check out the development guide.


Meetings are held weekly in #fedora-hubs at 14:00UTC and the minutes for every meeting are archived. In the meetings we review our statuses from the preceding week and do ticket triage, too.

Steps to run a meeting

  • #startmeeting hubs-devel
  • #topic Roll Call (Wait for 2 minutes for the Roll Call)
  • #chair [nick 1, nick 2,...., nick N](All the people present for the meeting)
  • #topic Action items from last meeting (Find the last meeting log from
  • #topic Status Updates (Cycle through all the nicks)
  • #topic Ticket <subject link_to_the_ticket>
  • #topic Open Floor
  • #endmeeting

Send the minutes of the meeting to