#85 Badges Widget for User Profiles
Opened 6 years ago by ralph. Modified 4 years ago

Badges for a user should be featured near the top of their profile. They should appear on their profile view but not their inbox view.

I have written the backend along with the frontend structure for the widget. Need help from @duffy with the classes here.

@sayanchowdhury if you can spit out the data and point me to the template file, I can write it. I may need to create some of the classes during implementation so it might be easier for me to just do it, I just don't know how to pull all the data in. Does this make sense?

@duffy is working on the CSS for this widget right now. Once done I will take over and complete the widget.

Hi, I've completed it. However, it seems pagure won't let me submit a PR to your fork, @sayanchowdhury - so I just pushed to a remote branch on my fork. I hope you can use it in this format?


A couple of things that came up in today's meeting:

  • in the expanded view, there shouldn't be more than one line (~5 badges) displayed per category. The ellipsis icon should let the user click over to the user's profile on badges.fpo, ideally to the section corresponding to the same category (eg under development, send them to badges.fpo/username#development or whatnot.)

  • it would be very nice if the 5 badges shown in each category's preview were randomized so upon each badge load you see a different set of 5. this would make the widget less 'stale'

@sayanchowdhury what is the status on this one - do you need anything from me or are you otherwise blocked in any way? OR is this complete?

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