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It'd be swell if there were a widget on a User's Hub that would allow someone to give them a "++" by clicking a button, as if they were in IRC. It would fire off the same fedmsg as the one used in IRC to award cookies.

Perhaps it would also show the current karma for that user for the current release cycle?

cc: mattdm

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That would be cool.

Currently, we keep the karma data in a python 'shelve' file on the zodbot machine. As written, it isn't suitable to be shared between zodbot and another process, so this would involve a (total) rewrite of the way the zodbot karma stuff works too.

Note that this ticket requires a total rework of the zodbot plugin. (pingou, today's #fedora-hubs meeting.)

Here are some thoughts on the widget that I am working on. I brainstormed and sketched before the final mockup (which is posted here). I analyzed the pros and cons of each use-case that I had explored.

  1. The user profile will a ++ icon next to the picture which would allow any subscriber to give the ++ to the user. I thought this would be easy for the subscriber to find the particular icon since the ++ needs to be given to the user and not the action
  2. Once the subscriber gives a ++ to someone the icon then grays out. This is designed keeping in the mind the karma cycle, the icon becomes available after 6 months.
  3. Another use case that I can think of is what if the subscriber wanted to know the karma cycle of any user he/she is subscribed to ?. For this purpose, I kept a text field entry for the user's page, Through which they can check their own and their subscriber's current karma by using the IRC command karma username. (karma ryan). However this widget can be only accessible to the owner of that page.
  4. The subscriber page will have a karma notification in the stream. Whereas for the owner's page, the stream will indicate the current karma for that user.
  5. I followed the same color scheme as per the fedora design guidelines and the font used is open sans.
  6. Lastly, I have designed the widget keeping in mind the mobile responsiveness.

Moving on, I do have some improvements that I can think of in this design

  1. The name of the widget can be changed to something better ( instead of plus plus )
  2. The ++ icon can be designed more effectively.
  3. Need to think more in terms of where the widget could be placed more strategically, one way that I can think of is by applying the fitt's law.

Any feedback and suggestions are welcome.

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I'm not sure if this is discoverable - I would run these mockups past a few people in IRC. Don't be afraid to make the control stand out more.

I tried to cover all the use-cases possible for this widget, as you suggested will ask for feedback from people in IRC. Then based on the feedback will iterate accordingly.

@abompard is onboard for making the service that will be used by zodbot and hubs to store the data and send the fedmsg messages for karma.

We'll be teaming up to adjust zodbot and working on the widget.

Hi PIngou, do you have any suggestions for the improving the widget ?

In the meeting today pingou pointed out that the widget isn't noticeable and should stand out.

Also a note that abompard has been working on plus-plus-service to make this widget function. (came up in today's hubs status meeting.) It's a Flask-based REST service that the widget and Zodbot will talk to, which will send the bus message to add karma and get statistics.

Yup sure, I got your point :) I will start working on it.

atelic is going to pick up on abompard's work while abompard is on PTO.

Some changes that I have incorporated in my design is making the plus sign more prominent ,
Further, I believe it would be great to have some kind of animation to the plus sign like changing colors , mostly fedora colors while fading into grey.

User Feedback

  1. Calling them karma cookies will be consistent across the rest of Fedora (badges, infra, IRC, zodbot, etc.)
  2. Its a simple cyclical score system, so having an indicator of the score system would be great.
  3. The functionality of the plus plus widget on the left was confusing to the user
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Some improvements to design from the user feedback

  1. Changed the symbol to karma cookie symbol so that it is easily discoverable and also allows for easy mapping from IRC
  2. The score cycle is also indicated in the top nav bar as well as in the stream
  3. Removed the extra widget on the left as these perfectly addresses the way karma cookies will work




We had a discussion during triage at our meeting today about this one:

In the interest of releasing a high-priority feature that is essentially done, I suggest we create a user metadata box that doesn't include the info we need FAS3 for and just have the ++ widget data in it for now.

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