#50 Mobile app for Hubs
Opened 8 years ago by codeblock. Modified 7 years ago

I talked with several people and didn't get any immediate "No, this is a horrible idea!" responses. The idea is a native Android app for Hubs (separate from the Fedora Mobile work I've already done). We could do some interesting things like having Android widgets for displaying up to date information from certain Hubs widgets, etc., in addition to displaying Hubs themselves in the main app UI (similar to G+ communities in the G+ app).

Mo is willing to do some mockups (yay!), but asked me to open this in the meantime.

Assigning to myself for mockup work.

I would love to help on this ticket ! Let me know about any updates on this ticket relrod mizmo

Just a few notes as we're triaging tickets today:

  • This ticket is for a native mobile app (as opposed to responsive design)
  • Sayan notes that ReactJS apps can directly convert ot React Native - @codeblock are you willing to work with react for this one? (link of interest: https://facebook.github.io/react-native/ )
  • We're not sure how react formats the site for the mobile app version - guessing it's based on the responsive CSS but not sure. This needs investigation.

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