#49 Fix the bodhi widgets to use the bodhi2 API
Closed: Fixed None Opened 6 years ago by ralph.

We have at least one widget that uses the Bodhi web service. They were written back when we had Bodhi1 in place, but in the meantime we have deployed Bodhi2. The API is similar, but not identical and we have some breakage.

In particular, this widget shows a traceback: hubs/widgets/workflow/updates2stable.py

Try to load the page http://localhost:5000/lmacken/ and you should see it after a moment.

The traceback kind of looks like:

  File "/home/threebean/devel/fedora-hubs/hubs/widgets/base.py", line 60, in <lambda>               
    creator = lambda: func(session, widget, *args, **kwargs)                                        
  File "/home/threebean/devel/fedora-hubs/hubs/widgets/base.py", line 46, in inner                  
    result = func(session, widget, *args, **kwargs)                                                 
  File "/home/threebean/devel/fedora-hubs/hubs/widgets/base.py", line 35, in inner                  
    return func(*args, **kwargs)                                                                    
  File "/home/threebean/devel/fedora-hubs/hubs/widgets/workflow/updates2stable.py", line 62, in data
    update for update in data['updates']                                                            
KeyError: 'updates'                                                                                 

Some information that will be helpful.

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