#475 The star option should control what bookmarks are available on the left side nav
Closed: Fixed 4 years ago Opened 4 years ago by abompard.

According to #459, the "star" should add hubs to the left-side bookmarks menu. It currently does not.

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4 years ago

It can be fixed by changing hubs.models.User.bookmarks.

WE were also discussing the starring in https://pagure.io/fedora-hubs/issue/469

does this mean that starring a hub is the only way of adding a hub to the sidebar? or does subscribing and joining a group still do that too?

IMO, as a user, if i join a group -- i probably want to have it show up in my bookmarks automatically, not have to press something else to get it to show up.

i think the stars should bubble it to the top of the list, and then below the alpha order starred hubs, is the list of member hubs in alpha order. followed and not member hubs won't show up unless starred.

okies! sounds like a plan!

do you think starred items should have a star icon in them in the LH side menu? -- to denote that they are starred? or too many icons there you think?

I would just have a gap between the starred items in the top of the list and the alpha order member hubs below... and feel it out. i think starring it and having it show up should be obvious enough without having to label it, but if we do i'd maybe put a small header or smtg

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4 years ago

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