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Currently, it is possible to both be a member (including being an admin) of a hub, as well as subscribing to a hub. Is there something special intended when subscribing to a hub that you don't get from being a member? First, i thought that subscribing to a hub was "keep me informed about this hub, but i am not a member", and being a member meant that you are also saying, "keep me informed, but i contribute here too"

Additionally, on the group hub at the moment, there is the ability to "star" a hub -- where does this fit in?

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Hi @ryanlerch - from https://lists.fedoraproject.org/archives/list/hubs-devel@lists.fedoraproject.org/thread/JMLZUBATCXTVC7DEGVLA2IGVPDFKJYM4/

Subscribe : follow :: member : friend thats weird so.... subscribe basically means you follow the
hub, but becoming a member means a FAS member of the team, listed in the roster, etc. The
idea came about bc of the cross functional nature of some of our teams... eg a lot of ppl
mightbwant to follow fesco the council but arent on it.... website member might want yo follow
design or marketing or vice versa... subscribe = listen, member = do. im cool w renaming
subscribe to follow if its clearer.

The * star option controls what bookmarks are available on the left side nav.

sorry mo! i missed your response on the mailing list!

So currently, at the moment, if I am a member of a group, i still get the option to subscribe to that group. Do we want to make it so you are either a member or a subscriber? since being a member bascially means you want to listen as well?

Also, currently, if you subscribe to or are a member of a group, (or subscribe to a user hub) that group shows up in the left side nav automatically. Note that starring a group hub doesn't do anything at the moment, and there is no option currently to star a user hub.

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i'm not sure about member vs subscriber. i know facebook groups allow you to be a member and to turn off follow - this is convenient because maybe you are a member of a team but don't follow it super closely and don't want the notifications from it filling up your feed. i could see this being particularly useful for larger groups like say the packagers group.

so i think maybe assuming a member always want to listen isn't always the right assumption - but by default members should be subscribed!

i think the left side nav functionality right now as is is ok for MVP but eventually all hubs should be starable and the starred hubs should at the least show up at the top of the left nav.

Okies, sounds good!

so for MVP we need to:

  • subscribe a user automatically when they join a group hub
  • comment out the starring on group hubs (for now / MVP we will add/implement later)

Another thing to think about here -- if you leave a hub, do you also get unsubscribed automatically?

Yeh, i think if you leave a hub you should be unsubscribed at the same time; I suspect it'd be confusing if you weren't. Although leaving a hub == leaving a FAS group, and that is rarely user-initiated.

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