#395 The "Subscribe" button in the Stats widget does not work properly
Closed: Fixed 4 years ago Opened 4 years ago by abompard.

Issues seen with this button:
- If clicked when not logged-in, it will redirect the user to the login page, and the return back with a "405 method not allowed" error. When not logged it, the button should be disabled and the user should be told to login first.
- It does not prevent subscription to your own hub
- It does not turn to a "unsubscribe" button when already subscribed
- It reloads the page, it should do its operations in AJAX
- The counter seems wrong, when subscribed to you own hub it stays at zero.

This widget should be reviewed and fixed before we go to prod.

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4 years ago

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I started trying to look at this one in the Vagrant setup, and encountered some weirdness.

subscribing to any hub doesnt seem to work -- the total number of subscribers never changes. There are debug messages printed on the console stating that there are 3 subscribers, then perodically reports there are either more or less.

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4 years ago

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