#391 Widget suggestion: bugs filed by someone
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It would be useful to have a set of widgets that would display the issues opened by a user in Bugzilla, Pagure and GitHub. Currently, those widgets don't work that way:
- bugzilla only lists bugs on packages owned by the user
- pagure and github display issues on a project / repository

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4 years ago

@mizmo to create a mockup for this

(BTW there are a lot of these bug-related widget ideas / mockups here: https://pagure.io/fedora-hubs/issue/1 )

A few questions on this. Would this be just for the "Tickets I have filed" case? TBH this is the primary use-case. Or do we want to be able to specify a user (other than the logged in user) to track. Of course, specifying a user will also be a lot tricker, as unless they are on hubs, we might not know their bugzilla, github logins.

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@ryanlerch - good q. for MVP should just be logged in user. i could maybe see a case for a mentor following a mentees bug activity (more broadly than filing tho)? not MVP for sure tho.

During investigation of how APIs work, I found out that pagure API doesn't support searching for issues filed by a user in all repos. Looking at pagure's api source code (https://pagure.io/pagure/blob/master/f/pagure/api/issue.py#_316 , https://pagure.io/pagure/blob/master/f/pagure/lib/__init__.py#_2092), it seems like it was considered that repo should always be given.

Instead, we could request list of all repos, iterate through them and search for desired issues, but this doesn't look like a good solution.

Do you think that we should wait until this feature becomes available or should we go through all repos manually?

@anar i think it's time to take a look at adding the API call to pagure :)

I guess we have github instead of fedorahosted.org and it requires a username. Do you know if FAS account has it somewhere or should we add a text box to retrieve it?

@abompard is this one covered now my @shaily 's new issues widget?

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