#387 The "All groups" page is a placeholder
Closed: Fixed 4 years ago Opened 4 years ago by abompard.

This page contains dummy data, it should be implemented.

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4 years ago

@mizmo is there a mockup around for this page?

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4 years ago

@ryanlerch i don't think there is! my thinking about it would be to have a little card design for each group with some of the summary info that's in every group header. and a filter box at the top to search through them (similar to https://pagure.io/browse/projects/ ! ) but i wouldn't want to show how old the group is - rather how stale it is - so it's clear which ones are active.

(I'm happy to mock up if you'd like, don't want to duplicate efforts wo a confirmation from you that you haven't already started mocking up)

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4 years ago

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