#368 PkgDB will be replaced by Pagure
Closed: Fixed 4 years ago Opened 4 years ago by abompard.

This bug is a tracker bug to list what we will need to update when Pagure replaces the PkgDB app.

  • the get_owned_packages in hubs.utils.pkgdb (can be replaced by REST calls to Pagure API (user endpoint)
  • category to remove in hubs/widgets/linechart/__init__.py
  • REST query and Fedmsg invalidation in hubs/widgets/workflow/pendingacls.py (must be replaced by a call to the Pagure API, not sure it exists yet)
  • link in hubs/widgets/workflow/templates/pendingacls.html (must be replaced by a Pagure link)

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4 years ago

I am tagging this for flock

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- Issue tagged with: bug, easyfix

4 years ago

This has been fixed a while ago.

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- Issue close_status updated to: Fixed
- Issue status updated to: Closed (was: Open)

4 years ago

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