#352 The Link validator isn't implemented
Closed: Fixed 4 years ago Opened 4 years ago by abompard.

See hubs.widgets.validators.Link.

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I would like to implement this (possibly using regex)?
What links are we talking of here - only http/https or ftp/file/mailto and others too?

Thanks for your interest!
The link validator is currently only used for http links but it should work for any kind of protocol, so please take them into account.

Hi , can I work on this?Thanks.

@dristybutola Feel free, I looked into this for quite a while but couldn't come up with a robust regex pattern that would cover all cases.
These would help:
Django's URL validator - https://docs.djangoproject.com/en/1.11/ref/validators/#urlvalidator
Multiple regex patterns compared against a list of valid and invalid URLs -

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