#325 Mockup for Halp Widget Config
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We need a mockup for the configuration of the halp widget.

- Halp widget ticket: issue #98
- Meeting minutes with discussion of this mockup: https://lists.fedoraproject.org/archives/list/hubs-devel@lists.fedoraproject.org/thread/ZRZRPZBZOIHBNEJ4UILKU6DWN3RWH464/

The halp widget lets you monitor other hubs for open work items / help requests from those hubs. Each hub is mapped to an IRC channel + a set of meetbot logs linked to that team via meeting topic: any #help requests made during meetings in the team channel or any channels that have had meetings with that team's meeting name / topic (eg in #fedora-meeting*) are affiliated with that team. The config should ask which hubs you'd like that widget to display help requests for.

Entering the Help Widget Configuration

There should be a little gear in the 'titlebar' of the widget (only available to Hub admins) that they can click on to pull up the widget configuration. The widget configuration screen should also appear when an admin first adds that widget to the hub.

Main widget config modal

This is what the config modal looks like for the Help widget:
- There is a screenshot banner at the top that gives an example of what the widget will look like and has an explanation of what the widget does.
- There is a left sidebar that contains a list of the hubs currently followed by the widget.
- There is a main area on the right side that allows users to add hubs to follow using an autocomplete text box.

By default, the hub config box should follow the hub it's being added to. So if I'm the @designteam hub admin and I add a new Help widget, by default that new widget's config screen should show '@designteam' in the left bar as a followed hub. I can remove it - the empty list message should be "No hubs. Use the form to the right to add some."

This isn't in the mockups, but the modal should have a cancel button, and the 'Close' button should be disabled in the case that no hubs are in the list of hubs to follow. This is to hopefully prevent useless, empty Help widgets from cluttering up hubs.


Autocomplete text box


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