#287 Joining a (regional) hub
Opened 6 years ago by wispfox. Modified 5 years ago

There's some complications around joining a regional hub that aren't relevant to most hubs. As with most hubs, one must subscribe before joining (to encourage the 'learn about us then become active' model of interaction).

When joining, the system will check if your location information suggests you are near the area the group is in. If you are not, it will ask if you want to update your location information, and if you are sure that you want to join if you are not nearby (possibly! Some people travel a lot; students often have two homes, etc).

After that point, it will go to a more general interaction, where the system wants to know if you're around to follow what's going on, or if you want a more active role.

Also as with most hubs, there should be a widget to suggest hubs to you (perhaps one you can use personally, and one that individual hubs can use?).

This issue is somewhat overlapping with issue #286, which involves location information.

@duffy, I think your feedback comment about 'getting involved' above isn't completely there, so I'm not sure what you were saying. Similarly, there might have been a comment to the right of 'you do not appear to be near this hub'?

Also, I'm thinking that the 'follow vs get involved' interaction isn't actually necessary. Given what you've said about the stuff involved in trying to join a group (closed groups, often need some sort of actions ahead of time), I don't really imagine that anyone asking to join a group will want to just follow it. If that's all they want, then they can just keep following.

We may only need to add the location check to the existing join interface.

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