#285 Many pages need a view for public consumption
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While planning Regional Hubs, we decided to create an 'invitation' page for those hubs.

Further discussion suggests that a other types of pages will also need views for public consumption, as hubs users may wish to share things with others (such as blog posts, events, meeting minutes, user profiles, team hubs).

I've created a page that could be an invitation page for a regional hub, but have not yet done necessary checks and changes to make it more generalizable.

Additional discussion about what information to prevent being visible to the general public about a regional hub:

[12:05] <abompard> that means there must be a way to mark "things" are "public" for preview hubs
[12:05] <abompard> which things? Widgets?
[12:06] <sayan> Yeah. Widgets
[12:06] <mizmo> widgets, and then items in the newsfeed
<mizmo> shillman: what kind of location data is sensitive to regional hubs? the roster of members?
[12:08] <mizmo> shillman: if an event is a public event at XX location - its a public event, so it's not a problem for it to be shown?
[12:08] <shillman> Agreed. In fact, that's intentionally something we want to show.
[12:08] <mizmo> shillman: to what extent though? if someone is giving a talk at a public event - it has to be known they'll be there at that time
[12:09] <mizmo> shillman: but an attendee, if they have noted they're going - that should be hidden?
[12:09] <mizmo> shillman: also - hidden to people who aren't a member of the group? or hidden to ppl who arent logged into hubs?
[12:09] <shillman> mizmo: Hmm. yeah, if it's someone talking or someone who is the spokeperson for a group, having that be public seems ok.
[12:10] <shillman> And in general, I'd say hidden to people who aren't logged in.
[12:10] <mizmo> shillman: could we front-load this, for when people say they'll attend something, they check off something to say they want to be anonymous
[12:10] <mizmo> or its ok if ppl know they're going?
[12:10] <shillman> Mmm! Yes. That works for me.
[12:10] <mizmo> thats sort of how the FSF did it with talk recordings / broadcasts for speakers this weekend. you could opt out of having your talk recorded when you signed up

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