#249 Click-through guide for new team members.
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There is a current thread about improving the Mentoring program and I think hubs might be the best place for it. It would work like a "step by step" guide for sponsoring new contributors (ambassadors, designers, packagers, etc), like the Anaconda installer. This could work for any group.

Just at the team hub page, where the subscribe button is, there could be an easy click-through guide where the default things we're discussing now could be laid out. Things like "Did you make your user wiki page? Yes (continue), No (cute page with a short tutorial on how to do it and the link for where to go). Have you done X thing... next...

Once you finish the process, you could get a list of mentors from your team or region, and once you click on one of them to choose, the interface will prompt you to send them an email with the information you already gathered or confirmed through the guide filled in the hub.

I added a rough mockup of what's in my head. Hope that helps.



this would be a great solution to start tracking the relationship between mentor and mentee.
Is there any chance to integrate the whole training to become Ambassador?
One of the most important issues we have in the trac (Ambassadors, in this case) is that after the first steps, all the remaining part of the process is known only to the mentor and the candidate.



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