#195 When you remove a widget it removes all widgets '/ralph/71/edit'
Closed: Fixed 7 years ago Opened 8 years ago by skrzepto.


When you remove a widget it removes all widgets. Also this might be a seperate issue but the home page for the hub won't load since no widgets are found

Steps to Reproduce:

1. On a fresh copy of the db (run populate.py after you delete the temp db)

2. Go to /ralph/72/edit and click on remove this widget

3. This tries to redirect you to /ralph/ which the hub doesn't load anymore since there are no widgets to load

Looks like function def widget_edit_delete(hub, idx): is the one deleting all the widgets. Not sure why will continue to investigate

DB constraints going wrong?

It might be. I'm also wondering if it's not because of the patch i submitted a few weeks ago to change the tables to have a cascading delete.

But the user is still in the db just the widgets table is empty for that user.

Adding more notes:

The user ralph is missing from the association table and hubs table this is definitely the result of what I changed in the models table



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7 years ago

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