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We need a widget for team / project hubs that lists the members of that hub. Right now we just list admins. Here's a proposed design. We list a medium size avatar, the users name with a link to their profile, and an indication of how recently they were active in the hub (not sure how this should be. how recently they visited? how recently a fed msg with their name on it was displayed in the feed?) They should be listed in order of most recently active to least recently active; that way visitors to the hub can get a good feel for who is actively involved in the group.

Mockup is team-members.svg in the widgets dir in the UX repo.


For flock, we probably can't do this based on activity. But we could do it based on tenure on the team - maybe list the people who have been on the team longest first.

Long term we want this list to show active, engaged members.

This is done already I believe.

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