#161 Group Owners Widget Needs Ellipsization
Closed: Fixed 5 years ago Opened 5 years ago by duffy.

See screenshot - the ambassadors group "group owners" widget is really, really full of folks. :) It should probably list the first 5 most active group owners (not quite sure how we can do this - most recent login maybe?) If we cant do that, we could do oldest group owners (eg they've had the group owner flag the longest amount of time) and then link you to a modal or subpage with the full list.

Idea behind using most recently active - we have the list of admins so if someone needs help with the group, they know who they can contact. If someone was active recently, theyre more likely to be responive.

Idea behind using oldest admin - again, someone is looking for someone who can help, people who have been around a long time tend to have a lot of knowledge.


This ticket should use the system created for #173.

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