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Manage Bookmarks Widget

This is a modal widget that appears when you click on the 'edit ...' button on the far right side of the Bookmarks bar:


The mockups for this feature are in the edithubslist.svg file in the mockups repo: https://github.com/fedoradesign/fedora-hubs

Once the modal pops up, there are two ways you may reorder the hubs you have in your bookmarks:

  • Using the mouse, you can click and drag on any portion of the grey row the hub name is in and move it to where you'd like it placed in the ordering.

  • Using the keyboard, you can use the up and down arrows to select a hub name, and press shift+arrow to move it up or down.

User Prompt to Enter Manage Bookmarks Widget


This was a neat idea Meghan had to prompt folks to manage their bookmarks - if you've visited a hub frequently enough (not sure about the heuristics there) a suggestion to move it further up in your bookmarks list is presented.

There are two types of bookmarks:

  • Bookmarks Bar Bookmarks: Bookmarks that show up in the horizontal bookmarks bar (they will be at the top of the edit list)
  • Dropdown Bookmarks: Bookmarks that show up in the overflow dropdown at the far right of the bookmark bar (they will be at the bottom of the edit list.)

Ideas on heuristics:

  • If you visit a dropdown bookmark more frequently than at least 3 of the bookmarks in the bookmark bar, show the yellow display message to suggest a reordering of bookmarks.

  • Do not display the yellow suggestion box more frequently than once a week.

  • If a yellow suggestion box is displayed for bookmark A in the dropdown and the user opts out of moving it, do not ever display that suggestion again for bookmark A. A week later, you could provide the suggestion for another bookmark that is not bookmark A.

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Now that we have a vertical bookmark bar there are some changes on how we show the bookmarks:

  • Initial page load shows 5 bookmarks along with a 'Show More' button
  • On clicking, 'Show More' you can see another n bookmarks with 'View all' button. n here is not decided yet. We will play with a bunch of value and see which one suites
  • Clicking View all we see a modal with all the bookmarks. We can have a 'Arrange'/'Edit' button to go into edit more and sort the bookmarks.

@duffy would be working on the revamped mockups.

Here's some updated mockups... In doing this I changed the numbers to 10 bookmarks -> 20 bookmarks -> full list, but we may need to tweak with actual data.

Layer 1: 10 bookmarks

There's a small view more link at the bottom you can click for 10 more bookmarks to slide in from.


Layer 2: 20 bookmarks

20 bookmarks with a link at the bottom to hide back to 10 bookmarks and a button to view a modal of all bookmarks.


Layer 3: Full Bookmark List

Search filter box on top, also a button to open up manage bookmarks modal (which should slide in from the right.. should not nest.)


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devyani7 has been blocked on the 400 login error. puiterwijk is going to take a look at it tonight and hopefully she'll be able to get back to this issue then.

@devyani7 Hey! Have you had any luck getting your vagrant env working? Please give us a status update!

@duffy, hello. Had a word with sayan, he faced the same error[1]. Seems like when the authentication issue was solved, it threw this new error. Need to get it fixed with my clients.json file. On it! :)

[1] https://paste.fedoraproject.org/513677/82847318/

The vagrant issue is solved. But, the bookmarks do not seem to populate.
Can someone try it on their hubs setup, and +1 if they face the same.
Afaik, previously we used to populate the bookmarks with the populate.py file.

+1, I did the manual setup, but the bookmarks still did not populate

Edited 6 months ago by a2batic

@sayanchowdhury any ideas on the bookmark population issue? ^^

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