A collection of self-contained and well-documented issues for newcomers to start contributing with

How to setup the local development environment?

  1. Clone the repository by executing git clone
  2. Make the local repository your current working directory by executing cd fedora-easyfix/.
  3. Create a new virtual environment by executing virtualenv venv.
  4. Activate the newly created virtual environment by executing source venv/bin/activate.
  5. Install the module by executing python3 install.
  6. Fetch a personal access token from here and store it in a .env file inside the same directory. GITHUB_USERNAME = "<your-username-here>" GITHUB_API_KEY = "<your-personal-access-token-here>" PAGURE_API_KEY = "" GITLAB_API_KEY = "" RPLIST_URL = "<remote-http-repolist-file-location-in-yaml-format>"
  7. Run index-easyfix-issues being in the same directory to index the Easyfix relevant issues from a variety of Git forges.
  8. Run start-easyfix-server -p 9696 -4 to start the Easyfix server.