#8 Hotpatch for Bodhi 4
Closed 3 years ago by kparal. Opened 4 years ago by churchyard.
churchyard/fedora-easy-karma bodhi4  into  master

file modified
+3 -4
@@ -190,8 +190,6 @@ 


                  # the format of the user has changed, add a data member

                  comment["username"] = comment["user"]["name"]

-                 if comment["anonymous"]:

-                     comment["username"] += " (unauthenticated)"



                      "%(indent)s%(username)s - %(timestamp)s "
@@ -222,6 +220,7 @@ 

              values["karma_status"] = "%d/%s" % (values["karma"],



+         values["submitter"] = values["user"]["name"]

          return format_string % values


@@ -653,7 +652,7 @@ 


              # Ignore own updates

              if self.options.ignore_own and \

-                     update["submitter"] == self.options.fas_username:

+                     update["user"]["name"] == self.options.fas_username:



              if update not in processed_updates and \
@@ -773,7 +772,7 @@ 


      def already_commented(self, update, user):

          for comment in update["comments"]:

-             if not comment["anonymous"] and comment["user"]["name"] == user:

+             if comment["user"]["name"] == user:

                  return True

          return False


Am 2=2E Juli 2019 23:22:12 MESZ schrieb "Miro Hron=C4=8Dok" pagure@pagure= =2Eio:

churchyard opened a new pull-request against the project:
fedora-easy-karma that you are following:
Hotpatch for Bodhi 4

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Thank you Miro,

It would be great if you can merge this or apply it as a downstream patch =
if you cannot merge it=2E Please also apply #7 downstream (but do not merge=
it)=2E Thank you!

I can apply both downstream.

I'm going to merge this. It's working fine, we've run with this as a downstream patch for months. It's required, otherwise FEK crashes. Also it will simplify the other pending patches we have.

I added one further changed line from the local bodhi4 branch and merged it as https://pagure.io/fedora-easy-karma/c/b8a6ff988 . That allows us to delete bodhi4 branch as well.

Pull-Request has been closed by kparal

3 years ago