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"Easy" guide to dual-booting Fedora and Windows 10
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Dual-Booting Fedora Workstation and Windows 10

An "easy" guide to dual-booting Fedora and Windows 10.

Following some discussion on the Docs mailing list in late 2020, I decided to attempt a guide aimed at relative-newcomers to Fedora to create a dual-boot system.

The objectives of the guide are: 1. Be accessible to a competent Windows user considering the switch to Fedora, but not ready to abandon Windows completely. 2. Document a process for creating a dual-boot system using a reliable set of steps. 3. Prefer Fedora software along the way (e.g., using Media Writer in preference to Ether or Rufus), to reduce the number of options that could confuse the reader.

The guide aims to emphasise ease and reliability over technical skills and cleverness.