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+ * xref:index.adoc[W&A Team Docs]

+ ** xref:meetings.adoc[Guide to W&A meetings]

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+ = Fedora Websites & Apps Team Documentation

+ Fedora Websites & Apps Community

+ :page-authors: {author}


+ This section of documentation is meta documentation for the Websites & Apps Team best practices.

+ These documents are less about our projects, and more about how we work together and collaborate as a team.

+ Use the sidebar navigation to browse to other pages about the team.

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+ = Guide to W&A meetings

+ Justin W. Flory, Fedora Community

+ :page-authors: {author}

+ :toc:


+ This page is an overview of how the Fedora Websites & Apps Team runs meetings together as a community.

+ The article shares more about how we work and best practices that help keep our team meetings running smoothly.

+ If you think something is missing here, please https://pagure.io/fedora-docs/websites/new_issue[open an issue] or submit a patch to open a discussion with the team.



+ [[in-person]]

+ == In-person meetings


+ In normal circumstances, occasional in-person meetings (or "hackfests") help us coordinate work and get to know each other as a team.

+ However, in light of current global circumstances with COVID-19, this travel is not yet an option.

+ When this option returns, this section of documentation can be revisited for new additions.



+ [[virtual]]

+ == Synchronous virtual meetings


+ What are synchronous virtual meetings?

+ This is a fancy way of saying meetings where we are all sitting together at the same moment, across many time zones.

+ Any meeting participants can be an engaged part of the meeting.


+ [[virtual--chat]]

+ === Chat


+ We have not yet piloted chat-led meetings, given recent `zodbot` bridging challenges with IRC, Matrix, and Telegram.


+ [[virtual--audio-video]]

+ === Audio/Video


+ To be written.

This commit adds a new documentation module and kickstarts it with one
new page about Websites & Apps meeting guidelines and etiquette. The
documentation page is not complete, but this is a first draft proposal
to share with the Websites & Apps Team at our next meeting on 13 July.

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