#80 [f36] Doc issue in file modules/system-administrators-guide/pages/kernel-module-driver-configuration/Working_with_the_GRUB_2_Boot_Loader.adoc
Opened a month ago by ctubbsii. Modified a month ago

The current information for resetting and reinstalling grub2 is out of date:


This doesn't address the BootLoaderSpec layout or the fact that the grub.cfg file generated by grub2-mkconfig is in /boot/grub2/, not the EFI partition. There's a separate minimal grub.cfg in the fedora directory of the EFI partition, but that's not the file to edit if things are going to be reset.

It also references /etc/sysconfig/grub, which is removed in Fedora 36.

I also saw a recent kernel update (or maybe it was an update to F36) mangle my grub entries by putting stuff in the EFI partition mounted at /boot/efi instead of directly in /boot. When it did so, it created a subdirectory for the machine-id, and the kernel and initrd in a subdirectory based on the kernel version.... none of this new layout is described anywhere in these docs.

Original ticket: https://pagure.io/fedora-docs/release-notes/issue/839

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