#24 Guide content not in line with it's titled purpose
Opened 3 years ago by pbokoc. Modified 3 years ago

Migrated from https://pagure.io/fedora-docs/asciidocs-sysadmin/issue/26 - opened by @t3rm1n4l

The sysadmin guide is lacking certain content that would make it invaluable to a sysadmin. It also contains some content that a sysadmin should already know.

lacking (and yes, I know parts of this are in other guides or linked, but this information should be in a sysadmin guide):

Filesystem Information (e.g. ACL's, permissions)
SELinux details (security contexts etc)
Common Networking tasks (firewalld, networkmanager, ip command, ss command, etc)
Disk Management information (LVM's, parted, etc)
Securing a Fedora host
Creating and Managing Virtual machines and containers
Using and securing flatpaks
fundamentals of shell scripting

stuff a sysadmin should already know:

using basic package management tools like dnf to install and upgrade software
navigating the GUI and opening applications
using SUDO and SU to gain privileges
manage services (although they may not have exposure with systemctl...)

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