#11 Review the Kernel Module Authentication section
Opened 5 years ago by pessoft. Modified 4 years ago


System Administrators Guide has for a few Fedora releases outdated names of the keyrings used in en-US/kernel-module-driver-configuration/Working_with_Kernel_Modules.adoc - section sect-kernel-module-authentication.

For example, code present in current guide, which does no longer work on Fedora is:
keyctl list %:.system_keyring

New code which works is:
keyctl list %:.builtin_trusted_keys

The whole section of Kernel Module Authentication should be reviewed to describe the current status in Fedora. This issue is also related to original BugZilla ticket #1509714.

Thanks for the report.

I fixed the example you cited, all instances of keyctl list %:.system_keyring now say keyctl list %:.builtin_trusted_keys. The fix will appear in the F29 release.

As for reviewing the whole chapter, I don't have the expertise to do that and I'm not sure if I can get anyone who does to do it. I'll leave this issue open and rename it to indicate what we need.

The command cited in the bug is fixed. However, the information in Table 2 still points to the old .system_keyring. I'm not sure exactly what should be in there, but probably .builtin_trusted_keys or .secondary_trusted_keys depending on the row.

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