Fedora Release Notes

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README for contributors

Refer to for content; proofread when adding to git and mark sections and wiki pages as complete as you progress.

Use create-tx-configuration to maintain .tx/config (thanks Sparks!)

When shipping an RPM, test, pull POs, test again, tag, bump spec, and build. See for detailed instructions.

Some methods of finding new packages to write about: bodhi -r f25 -t newpackage

~/usr/bin/env python

from fedora.client import BodhiClient; BodhiClient().query(release="F25", type_="newpackage")

How to edit this document

This document is coded in AsciiDoc. The content is in the en-US directory. There is a shared entity file in the en-US directory. Do not edit the content in the Common_Content directory.

Testing your changes locally

To test your changes, first install asciibinder

$ gem install ascii_binder

To build your changes, from the root directory:

$ asciibinder package
$ firefox _package/main/index.html