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  = Distribution-wide Changes


+ == PCRE deprecation


+ The Perl-Compatible Regular Expressions (PCRE) library in Fedora has been deprecated due to lack of upstream support, and replaced with PCRE2, which is being actively maintained upstream.


+ This change does not affect the upgrade for the end users, but it does affect any new software coming to Fedora.

+ New packages won't be able to `Require`/`BuildRequire` the old `pcre` package, and should require a new `pcre2` version instead.


+ Deprecating the old package helps Fedora to be more secure due to the fact that the old `pcre` upstream has stopped supporting this package and it may be exposed to vulnerabilities that will not be fixed in the future.


+ Upstream release notes are available at link:https://www.pcre.org/#Versions[].

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