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  = Security


+ == The SSSD 'sss_simpleifp' library has been deprecated

+ 'sss_simpleifp' library ('libsss_simpleifp' and 'libsss_simpleifp-devel' packages)

+ has been deprecated and will be removed from future releases.


+ == The SSSD 'files provider' has been deprecated

+ The SSSD 'files provider' that provides capability to handle local users

+ has been deprecated and might be removed from future releases.

+ It shouldn't be an issue for vast majority of users since feature was disabled

+ by default for a few releases already.

+ Those who were configuring it explicitly, for example for the session recording

+ of local users, might consider switching to 'proxy provider'.

+ In case you have a strong use case not covered by 'proxy provider', please

+ reach out to SSSD upstream at https://sssd.io/.

Add a couple of derecation notices related to SSSD package.

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