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  = Networking



+ == BIND 9


+ Berkeley Internet Name Domain (BIND) software suite was updated to version 9.18.x. This version brings the following notable changes, for example:


+ * Support for DNS over TLS and DNS over HTTPS servers. Both authoritative and resolver modes.

+ * Re-work of internal connection handling using the `libuv` library.

+ * Remote Name Daemon Control (RNDC) channel does not support Unix sockets.

+ * Support for incoming and outgoing DNS zone transfer over TLS.

+ * Domain Information Groper (dig) utility can send queries using DNS over TLS and DNS over HTTPS.


+ [NOTE]

+ ====

+ The `bind-dyndb-ldap` dynamic LDAP back-end was upgraded to version 11.10 to support support BIND 9.18. The back-end will be built together with the `bind` package.

+ ====


+ You can see the full list of changes in the https://bind9.readthedocs.io/en/v9_18_4/notes.html#notes-for-bind-9-18-0[upstream release notes]. 

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#869 Describes BIND9 updates.

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