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+ [[sect-desktop]]

+ = Desktop


+ [[third-party-software]]

+ == Enabling Third-Party Software for GNOME Software


+ Fedora 35 Workstation offers a new way to enable third-party software in GNOME Software. Post-installation, a new page in the GNOME Initial Setup offers to enable third-party software repositories. If selected, third-party software repositories are available in GNOME Software from the first use.


+ In Fedora 34 and earlier, an initial opt-in to third-party software (typically seen at the first run of GNOME Software) _installed_ the repositories but did not _enable_ them, requiring a user to perform an extra step before the software was available in GNOME Software.


+ [NOTE]

+ ====

+ This change does not change the software selection on offer via the repositories; it simply makes enabling the third-party software more intuitive for the user.

+ ====

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  = Notable changes for desktop users


+ This section lists changes in Fedora {PRODVER} relevant to desktop users.

+ Use the navigation tab on the left to view release notes for various fields of interest. 

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Hi, this PR is for Issue #720.
- Created desktop.adoc sub-page for desktop section (copied from structure of F34 rel notes).
- Added 'Enabling Third-Party Software' section.
- Updated nav page to suit.

Thanks! Merged locally.

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