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+ [[sect-i18n]]

+ = Internationalization


+ [[sect-i18n-ibus]]

+ == IBus 1.5.24

+ * `ibus-gtk4` package is now available, which includes IBus GTK4 module to enable IBus with GTK4 applications. You may need to export `GTK_IM_MODULE=ibus`.

+ * `ibus-setup` utility is enhanced to be able to search input method names in language section in "Input Method" tab for non-GNOME desktop. `gnome-control-center` is available for GNOME desktop.


+ == ibus-anthy

+ * `ibus-anthy` is now the default Japanese IME(input method engine) to develop Japanese IME more effectively as the former was `ibus-kkc`. `ibus-anthy` depends on `anthy-unicode` and `kasumi-unicode` newly instead of `anthy` and `kasumi`.

+ * `kasumi-unicode` is forked from `kasumi` and the private dictionaries are moved from `$HOME/.anthy` to `$XDG_CONFIG_HOME/anthy`.

Issue 636 - IBus 1.5.24
Issue 617 - ibus-anthy for default Japanese IME
Issue 615 - kasumi-unicode

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