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  = Storage


+ == stratis-cli and stratisd rebased to version 2.3.0


+ The `stratis-cli` and `stratisd` packages have been upgraded to version 2.3.0, which provides multiple bug fixes and enhancements. Notable changes include:


+ * The `stratis pool bind <select_encryption_policy>` command has been added. This command adds encryption policy to all devices in the specified pool. This establishes an alternative mechanism for unlocking a pool.

+ * The `stratis pool unbind <select_encryption_policy>` command has been added.

+ * The functionality of the `stratis pool unlock <select_encryption_policy>` command has been extended. It is now necessary to specify the encryption mechanism - either the kernel keyring, the tang server, or the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) 2 device.

+ * Stratis filesystem symlinks are now in the `/dev/stratis/` directory. You need to update your system configurations that make use of the older filesystem paths.

+ * Users are able to specify their preferred log level.

+ * The `org.storage.stratis2.Manager.r3` D-Bus interface has been updated to enable the `UnlockPool` method to take an additional parameter `unlock_method`.

+ * The `org.storage.stratis2.pool.r3` D-Bus interface adds two new methods: `Bind` and `Unbind`.


+ Two new dependencies have been added for `clevis` and `clevis-luks` packages.


+ For more information, see the stratis(8) manual page.


+ For full information about this release, see the [citetitle]_link:++https://stratis-storage.github.io/stratis-release-notes-2-3-0/++[upstream release notes]_.

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