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  = Distribution-wide Changes


+ == New package: fbrnch


+ A new `fbrnch` (Fed Brunch) package provides a utility which helps simplify or semi-automate workflow processes for Fedora Packagers. This package is available to users without them having to add another Copr repository.


+ The `fbrnch` utility supports the following and more tasks:


+ * Merging and building packages across release branches

+ * Source RPM (SRPM) files, scratch builds, local install, and mock builds from arbitrary package branches

+ * Cloning and listing Fedora packages from Pagure code hosting system

+ * Creating, updating and listing package reviews

+ * Requesting new repositories and branches, and importing new packages directly from package reviews

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could you please review this release note for technical correctness?

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Looks good to me; if anyone has anything to add, please open an issue or a PR, or just ping me on IRC.

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