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  = Notable changes for desktop users


+ [[i3-spin]]

+ == i3 Spin


+ Fedora Spins are versions of Fedora featuring alternative desktop environments and accompanying sets of software. Fedora 34 introduces a new Spin utilizing the i3 window manager. This is the first Fedora Spin to feature a tiling window manager instead of a traditional desktop environment.


+ The i3 Spin provides a better installation experience for Fedora users who prefer to use i3. Prior to this Spin, end users who wished to use i3 on Fedora needed to install another Edition or Spin of Fedora, then install the i3 window manager and related packages separately, a process often requiring an external guide or tutorial.


+ The design goals of this Spin are:


+ * *Simple is better than complex*: the Fedora i3 Spin will choose simplicity over complexity. 

+ * *Fast is better than features*: the Fedora i3 Spin will choose to be fast, lean, and quick instead of full of features.

+ * *There should be one - and preferably only one - obvious way to do it*: the Fedora i3 Spin will choose to maintain a single obvious way to do basic computing tasks.

+ * *Now is better than never*: the Fedora i3 Spin will choose to try out and experiment with new ideas.


+ Download and try the i3 Spin at the link:https://spins.fedoraproject.org/i3[Fedora Spins site].


+ Learn more about the design and development of the Spin at the link:https://docs.fedoraproject.org/en-US/i3/[Fedora i3 Special Interest Group (S.I.G.) site]. 

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