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  = Distribution-wide Changes


+ [[scale-zram-to-full-memory-size]]

+ == Scale ZRAM to Full Memory Size


+ In Fedora, a swap partition is not created by default at installation time. Instead, a zram device is created, and swap enabled on it during start-up. zram is a type of RAM drive that uses compression.


+ For Fedora 34, the size of this zram device is increased. It is set at the same size as RAM or 8 GB, whichever is smaller. This change allows computers with smaller amounts of RAM to successfully complete installation using the Anaconda installer.


+ Memory allocation for zram happens dynamically, so the block device's full size is not allocated as it is created. This dynamic resourse allocation, combined with compression in the zram device that is generally greater than 2:1, ensures that the swap file does not entirely consume available memory.


+ See `man zram-generator` for more information about how zram is invoked. 

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