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  == `dmraid-activation.service` no longer depends on `systemd-udev-settle.service`


  The `dmraid-activation.service` service now disables itself if no supported RAID sets are found when the service runs for the first time. See xref:sysadmin/Storage.adoc#dmraid-systemd-udev[Storage] for more details.


+ [[zram-swap]]

+ == Swap on zRAM


+ Starting with Fedora 33, a swap partition is not created by default at installation time. Instead, a zram device is created, and swap enabled on it during start-up. zram is a RAM drive that uses compression. See `man zram-generator` for a brief overview of its function.


+ The swap-on-zram feature can be disabled with `sudo touch /etc/systemd/zram-generator.conf` and reenabled by removing this file, and customized by editing it. See `man zram-generator.conf` for configuration information, including a description of the default configuration plus ASCII art.


+ The installer's Custom and Advanced-Custom interfaces continue to support the manual creation of disk-based swap.


+ See the link:https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Changes/SwapOnZRAM[Change proposal] for detailed information about the rationale for this feature.

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  === General changes


  * On Fedora Workstation, the default partitioning scheme has been changed to Btrfs. See xref:sysadmin/Distribution.adoc#btrfs-by-default[Distribution-wide Changes] for more information.

- * The installer now runs `zram-generator` instead of its own implementation of the ZRAM service. The `inst.zram` boot option is now deprecated.

- //Link to https://pagure.io/fedora-docs/release-notes/issue/515

+ * The installer now runs `zram-generator` instead of its own implementation of the zRAM service. The `inst.zram` boot option is now deprecated. This change is related to the xref:sysadmin/Distribution.adoc#zram-swap[zRAM swap] feature.

  * The graphical installer will now show a warning message if you input an invalid partition/volume/subvolume size in custom partitioning.

  * `/boot` can now be on a Btrfs volume.

  * The installer now checks whether existing partitions are mounted. Previously, only newly created partitions were checked.