#583 #528 Disable dmraid-activation.service on first run if no dmraid sets are found
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  == `nano` is a default terminal text editor


  In Fedora 33, `nano` has been set as the default terminal text editor. See the xref:sysadmin/System_Utilities.adoc#nano-as-default [System Utilities] section for more information.


+ == `dmraid-activation.service` no longer depends on `systemd-udev-settle.service`


+ The `dmraid` package is necessary for supporting firmware-based Redundant Array of Independent Disks (RAID) sets of non-IntelĀ® systems and Fedora only support these RAID sets when they are already configured in BIOS during the OS installation.


+ The `dmraid` package provides the `dmraid-activation.service` that required an obsoleted service `systemd-udev-settle.service` in the default Fedora installation. The `systemd-udev-settle.service` service waited a long time for detection of all devices. As a result, a system booting was significantly prolonged.


+ To solve this problem, `dmraid-activation.service` now disables itself if no supported RAID sets are found when the service runs for the first time.

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The changes look good to me, thank you.

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