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Add release note for the Issue#507
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  = Networking


+ == Fedora now enables `systemd-resolved` service by default


+ With the enhancement, by enabling the `systemd-resolved` service by default, the GNU C Library (glibc) will perform name resolution using the `nss-resolve` module rather than the `nss-dns` module. Notable changes include:


+ * `systemd-resolved` provides a system-level DNS cache that can substantially improve performance for applications that do not cache their own DNS results;

+ *  `systemd-resolved` allows correct handling of split DNS scenarios such as when VPNs are in use;  

+ *  `/etc/resolv.conf` will now be managed by systemd-resolved rather than by NetworkManager;

+ * `/etc/resolv.conf` will no longer be read when performing name resolution using `glibc`; however, it is still provided for compatibility with applications that manually read this file to perform name resolution;

+ * Writing to `/etc/resolv.conf` will no longer work as expected.


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