#576 #441 Add note about the `pyhon34` package retirement
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  = Python


+ == Retire the `python34` package


+ The `package-x-generic-16.pngpython34` package will be retired without replacement from Fedora 33. The package will no longer be available from the repositories, but it may remain on existing installations.

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@epereira I'm going to merge this, but next time please be careful when copy-pasting - the text you saved actually says package-x-generic-16.pngpython34 instead of python34. This is because you pasted it from the Wiki page ( https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Changes/RetirePython34#Summary ), but as you can see, the Wiki inserts a small graphic next to it, and when you copy that, you also get the filename of the graphic (in this case package-x-generic-16.png). I'll fix that separately, but be careful next time :).

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Thanks for pointing this out, Petr.