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  = Distribution-wide Changes


+ == FlexiBLAS enables runtime switching of BLAS/LAPACK backend


+ Basic Linear Algebra Subprograms (BLAS) and Linear Algebra PACKage (LAPACK) are API standards for basic linear algebra operations.


+ From Fedora 33, the packages that use BLAS and LAPACK APIs will be compiled against FlexiBLAS.


+ FlexiBLAS is a framework that wraps the BLAS and LAPACK APIs with interfaces for both 32-bit and 64-bit integers.


+ As a result, FlexiBLAS will set the OpenBLAS standard as the system-wide default backend. At the same time the change will resolve the following issues:


+ * Fedora lacks a system-wide default.

+ * Fedora lacks a proper switching mechanism.


+ This update also brings the following changes:


+ * Recompilation of all BLAS and LAPACK dependent packages that link against FlexiBLAS instead of the current implementation they are using.

+ * Changing the packaging guidelines to reflect the previous requirement for BLAS and LAPACK consumers. For more details, see the [citetitle]_link:++https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/PackagingDrafts/BLAS_LAPACK++[PackagingDrafts/BLAS LAPACK]_ Fedora Wiki page.

Hello @iucar

I prepared a writeup for this release note, based on your input text from https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Changes/FlexiBLAS_as_BLAS/LAPACK_manager

Could you, please, review my proposal?

Thanks for your help,

I'd say that the main highlight is that FlexiBLAS allows runtime switching of the BLAS/LAPACK backend. As a side benefit, we centralize setting a system-wide default, which has been set to the OpenMP version of OpenBLAS.

It's the packages that use the BLAS/LAPACK API which got compiled against FlexiBLAS. The blas and *lapack packages just contain the reference implementation.

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