#565 #536 Use %make_build and %make_install macros
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  = Distribution-wide Changes


+ == Increase usage of `%make_build` and `%make_install`


+ Many invocations of the `make` utility in spec files that use the `%{_smp_mflags}` macro have been modified to use the `%make_build` macro. All `make` invocations that use the install target have been updated to use the `%make_install` macro. Any additional arguments to `make` that are not included in either `%make_build` and `%make_install` are preserved.


+ Packages that already use `%make_build` and `%make_install` remain unchanged.


+ This change aims to standardize `make` usage, and to facilitate enforcing consistent build flag usage across all Fedora editions.

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Not all packages were updated, so maybe just say 'many invocations'.

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