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  = Python


+ == Python 2 is deprecated in Fedora 30


+ Many Python 2 modules were removed from the distribution: packages

+ that only provide Python 2 importable modules, if they are not used by

+ any other package (leaf packages).


+ While this change should not affect regular users, it will affect

+ developers that use system-packaged Python modules.


+ If you are developing software that needs to run with Python 2, we

+ recommend using a virtual environment and installing dependencies from

+ the Python Package index (PyPI). See details at:

+ https://developer.fedoraproject.org/tech/languages/python/python-installation.html


+ We also recommend using a virtual environment (venv) for Python 3, if

+ your software targets the wider Python ecosystem rather than Fedora

+ specifically. Using venv will decouple your development environment

+ from the system.


+ If you are developing for a Fedora package, please port to Python 3 as

+ soon as possible. Almost complete Python 2 removal is planned for the next

+ release.


+ == Automatically generated dependencies for Python packages


+ The generator which generates Provides and Requires for Python RPM

+ packages based on the setup.py file has been enabled by default. This

+ makes the packaging of Python packages easier and more automatic by

+ reusing information provided by the upstream project, and should result

+ in fewer unecessary or missing dependencies in rpms.


+ == Python progressbar replaced with progressbar2


+ The progressbar package has been updated to use the progressbar2 fork,

+ which is newer and better maitained.

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  = Distribution-wide Changes


+ == Inherited locale settings will be reset on login if necessary


+ When logging in over ssh or another mechanism, locale settings are

+ forwarded. If the destination does not support that is configured in

+ the source environment, various tools would generate warnings about

+ invalid locale settings. Now, locale is automatically reset to C.UTF-8

+ if such situation is detected.


+ == Many obsolete RPM scriptlets have been removed


+ Plenty of installation scriplets in packages are not necessary

+ anymore. Their removal should make installation and upgrades of

+ packages a bit faster.


+ == Binaries provided by the distribution have optimized linking


+ The link flags used for Fedora packages have been updated to skip

+ libraries which are not used by the executable. This removes the

+ dependencies on those librararies from various packages, making

+ their installation slightly more efficient.


+ == Binaries provided by the distribution have additional hardening


+ The link flags used for Fedora packages have been updated to make the

+ array of function pointers which is used to implement dynamic linking

+ (the GOT) read-only at runtime. This makes it harder for exploit

+ writers to overwrite these function pointers and redirect execution.

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Hi @zbyszek, thank you for the PR!

One of the commits covers #314, which seems to be a change aimed at F31, not F30. Did you add that by mistake, or do you have information suggesting that this change actually happens in F30?

Ah, okay then, in that case I'm merging this and I'll close all issues fixed in this PR. Thank you very much!

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