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  = System Utilities


+ [[vagrant-2-3]]

+ == Vagrant 2.3


+ The `vagrant` package has been upgraded to version 2.3.4, which provides multiple bug fixes and enhancements. Notable changes include:


+ * Isolate loading incompatible libraries to support end of life (EOL) platforms

+ * Detect network type when not provided

+ * Add fix for Powershell 7.3.0

+ * Support VirtualBox 7.0


+ The following package dependencies for `vagrant` were also updated:


+ * `rubygem-net-ssh`

+ * `rubygem-net-scp`

+ * `rubygem-net-sftp`


+ Due to the new `rubygem-net-ssh`, the updates for the packages above are built and delivered as one unit.


+ A full list of changes in Vagrant 2.3.4 is available in the link:https://github.com/hashicorp/vagrant/blob/986a01734f008d62897bb66085381090e4fcabfc/CHANGELOG.md[upstream release notes]. 

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Hello @jackorp,

Could you please review this release note, if I summarised it correctly?


Nice summary, thanks. Just please drop the side-tag thing I see on line 22.

That's a packager-side detail not necessary for sysadmins or even relevant today as we delivered it to regular F39 repos.

I left it in the document to have a single, easily findable, reference for me and other interested parties, it's unnecessary for release notes.

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