#659 F34: Bash 5.1, readline 8.1 and bracketed paste mode
Opened a year ago by churchyard. Modified 2 months ago

Since this was updated in Fedora without a change proposal, I'm opening this ticket to track addition to the release notes.

Bash and readline were updated, bracketed paste mode is now the default, and users might be surprised by the changed different behavior when pasting stuff to their shells.

I don't have any useful links except basic googling:


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a year ago

There is a bug report about the changed behavior. But it is closed telling that the change is intended.

I think many users are confused about this change in Fedora 34. There should be a note in the release notes about the change.

If you want to get back the old behavior the bug report suggests to create the file ~/.inputrc and put the following line in it:

set enable-bracketed-paste off

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2 months ago

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