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Is there going to be a f28 branch or should we work against master?

Good point. I'm not actually too sure, though. @bex and anyone else, did you have a specific workflow in mind for asciibinder?

Now that it's much easier to publish (presumably - I don't actually know), we might want to take advantage of that by using master for rawhide (beta) docs. Then, just before GA release we branch that out, any subsequent updates to the released RNs go on the branch, and master gets cleaned up and prepared for the next rawhide. This also guarantees more simplicity for other contributors if we plan to do PR-based workflow now; for the most part people can just make PRs against master, they don't have to worry about which branch we use right now.

The disadvantage is that someone will have to "clean up" the repo after each release, after it's branched - which is annoying (we wanted to keep master clean previously to avoid this), but doable. We could even automate this to a significant degree, maybe by keeping a template somewhere away and copying it over en-US/, and maybe bumping version numbers by one and adding some FIXMEs.

Thinking about this a bit more, it seems that we are managing two streams of work in this repository:
1. The development of the release notes template, which evolves slowly over time.
2. The creation of the release notes for each release, which starts from a blank release notes template each time.

If we want to write the release notes on master then it would probably make life less complicated if we have the release notes template in another repository so that we can copy it in here when it is needed, as described by @pbokoc in his earlier comment.

If we want to keep the template in this repository then it might be better to keep it on master and start a new branch for each release.

I like master as rawhide and branching when appropriate. If we have the people power to start a template let’s just keep it on a template branch.

+1 to what @pbokoc and @bex said. If we set the template up with variables for versions, the procedure should be quite straightforward.

I like master as rawhide and branching when appropriate. If we have the people power to start a template let’s just keep it on a template branch.

Given that Fedora 28 branched off Rawhide on 2018-02-20, what is the appropriate time to create a f28 branch here? IMHO it is quite confusing that there is no f28 branch here when dist-git already branched.

Yes I too think this project should branch when we branch for Fedora from rawhide. I saw that there are already F29 Change tickets. so if someone want to work to submit notes for F29 then they can do so in master branch and if we will be having branched/f28 branch then F28 Change notes can be added in f28 branch.

Alright, so:

  • I merged the two outstanding requests that were open against master.
  • Because f28 was branched from rawhide in dist-git, we now have a f28 branch as well. Please create any further merge requests for F28 release notes against that branch.
  • In the future, we'll do what we discussed earlier and basically follow Fedora's branching strategy.

We'll need to document this in the README and develop a process to create release branches and notify people during each release cycle, too. https://pagure.io/fedora-docs/release-notes/issue/137

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