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- == Using Gnome's embedded screencast tool

+ == Using Gnome's native screencast tool


  Gnome3 has already a screen recording functionality. Pressing Alt+Ctrl+Shift+R recording will start. There should be a red icon on the message tray in the right-bottom corner of your screen. If the message tray is hidden, Super+M will activate it. Pressing the red icon will stop the recording. The video is saved in the Video directory on your home directory on link:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Webm[webm] format.

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  Remember: you can stop recording at any time regardless of the duration you set. Just press the keyboard shortcut you use to start recording to stop recording.


+ == KDE Spectacle


+ KDE Spectacle supports screen recording for a KDE Plasma Wayland session since the 23.04 release. To launch Spectacle, press kbd:[PrtSc].


+ On the middle right side of Spectacle, click the tab 'Recording', select one of three options - Workspace, Selected Screeen and Selected Window.


+ Press 'Finish recording' to stop the recording. Recorded footage will be saved as WebM file format as a default. 


  == Byzanz


  Byzanz is a desktop recorder striving for ease of use. It can record to GIF images, Ogg Theora video - optionally with sound – and other formats. It is available in Fedora. To install execute

Write up a short intro on KDEs' native screen recording feature for Wayland session.

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